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London W7 3ES, United Kingdom
110A Grove Avenue London W7 3ES GB

Remedies and best practice across the world of meetings and events

The Conference Doctor is a new type of practice. Whether you need a specialist consultant or a hands-on practitioner we could have the prescription for you.

Paul Hussey and Jim Quintrell have worked for many of the leading agencies in careers spanning a combined 40 years plus holding senior positions across Operations, Sales & Account Management. They started The Conference Doctor in May 2014 and are now providing services to Agencies, Venues, Corporates & Government including;

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • RFP Support
  • Special Projects

As well as working today with organisations on strategy and tactical advice, we are researching trends for the future and developing new ways to share knowledge.

A visit from The Conference Doctor could be …. well …. just what you ordered.

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