‘Not a birth, but a dream. Under the blue sky of Reims, we were dazzled to see, for the first time, Madame Pommery’s work. It is an extraordinary work of architecture, a testament to a fascinating story rich with passion. Driven by the same passion, we are charged with carrying on this story, and we are taking Pommery into the 21st century. We have all the same innovations—seasonal champagnes, the POP line, Rosé Apanage, and the magical Clos Pompadour magnums…

The world as Pommery sees it is expanding, with plaques inaugurated by His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco on 31 October 2008, President Wade of Senegal in 2003, and His Excellency Nambaryn Enkhbayar of Ulan Bator on 25 February 2007.

Paul-François Vranken Chairman

pommery-logo.jpg 2 years ago
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