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Givergy (formerly known as iBid Events until September 2015), is an award-winning company that significantly increases the amount of money charities raise at fundraising events. This is done through their revolutionary technology which is fun, interactive, wireless and competitive. In addition to their specialised silent auction and pledging technology they offer a range of fundraising solutions to suit all nature of events.

To name a few these include:

• State-of-the-art interactive silent auction technology
• Seamless mobile bidding technology
• Effective online auction websites which include a unique ticketing functionality
• User friendly pre-event registration system
• An array of incredible auction items
• Floorless event support before during and after the event

In the past 12 months alone they have supported over 1,200 events for 800 incredible causes and raised in excess of £25million.

For further information explore their site, or give them a call.

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Delete Blood Cancer - Eton vs Harrow Boxing dinner fundraiser
4.6[ Service response before the event 5.00 | Service response during the event 4.50 | Quality of Service 5.00 ]

iBid were very flexible and helpful leading up to the event and went the extra mile when we were under time pressure to submit the auction list as well has rewrite the seating plan for the 3rd time. The technology worked really well on the night and all out silent prizes passed the reserve set well. iBid provided some of the items with the England v New Zealand rugby tickets getting the highest value. There prizes were well thought out with a good selection but the price was rather high in my opinion.

For unfortunate reasons, we were short on volunteers to help collect the money after the auction so there is a lot of chasing up to do but Vikki from iBid is doing most of the work. Next time I would arrange work volunteers to help with this.

Generally It is a great service and really helps the fund raising effort and adds some fun to each table at any event.

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“Givergy are incredibly experienced and know what they are doing. I trust them completely to run our silent auctions and interactive pledging – it’s definitely one thing about my events that doesn’t keep me up at night.”

Save the Children

“Thank you  so much for all your help and support in compiling and running the auction website in support of our Great Wine Dinner and Auction.  We have raised a record-breaking £166,940 from both the live and silent auctions, so as you can imagine, we are absolutely delighted.”

Marie Curie