2 Boulevard de Neuilly La Defense 1 Cedex Paris 92081 France
2 Boulevard de Neuilly La Defense 1 Cedex Vista California 92081 US
Syndicate Rooms Available

Features of Space

Option Yes


Budget Type This Space's Budget
Day Delegate Rate Budget Not Set
Banquet Budgeting Not Set
24 Hour Rate

Measurements of Space

Item Value
Area of Space 9967.3714 sqf
Height of Space 29.52 feet


Room Type Quantity
Bedrooms 280

Syndicate Rooms

Syndicate Rooms Available

Venue Capacities

Type Min to Max
Theatre Style 26 to 85
Banquet Style 11 to 35
Classroom Style 14 to 48
Boardroom Style 9 to 31
U-Shape Style 9 to 31
Venue Style
Syndicate Venue Name
Listing Type
Virtual Site Inspection Video
Reception Style
Banquet or Lunch/Dinner
Cabaret Style
Theatre Style
Boardroom Style
U-Shape Style
Classroom Style
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