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Emmanuel Centre Logo.jpeg
Descending steps from the foyer brings you into The Lower Hall, which provides a comfortable sett...
Fourth Form Room 004.jpg
The Fourth Form Room is the spiritual heart of Harrow School. This venue is only available for th...
Emmanuel Centre Logo.jpeg
The lighting and decor of the Snack Bar gives a warm and friendly atmosphere. It is a good place ...
st ethelburga's logo.jpg
St Ethelburga’s offer an inspiring space for a diverse community of social change agents. I...
st ethelburga's logo.jpg
The nave is a beautiful and peaceful space for a wide range of events, from meetings and workshop...
st ethelburga's logo.jpg
The Bedouin Tent is a unique space set in a beautiful courtyard garden. It is perfect for dialog...
St. Katharine’s is an affordable and unique venue located in zone 2 between the City and Ca...
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