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We provide all kind of interactive web solutions for displaying social media content on the screens of your event.

Our solutions help you to amplify your events in social media by displaying tweets together with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook photos and YouTube videos through monitors, TVs and projectors.

Stimulate participation
Encourage interactions between attendees and brands through games, polls and contests displayed on the social media screens. If you want to collect opinions of attendees, there is no better place than social media: listen to them and they will give you valuable advice about what they do and don’t like so you can improve your event.

Boost social buzz
Increase the social media reach of your event’s hashtag by displaying tweets, photos and videos: you will see your followers and interactions grow immediately. Don’t leave multimedia content locked on the social networks: multiply your event on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube using screens.

Attendee generated content
Get the most out of the content generated by attendees: tweets with comments and pictures on Twitter and Instagram of the best of your event. You can moderate and filter all the comments and contents you don’t want to be displayed on screens in an easy and secure way.

Let’s make your event interactive and social!

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“Yarr TV connects the on and off-line activity of our events.”

Ania Olarra - G+J

“Yarr TV helps us to spread the content of our social networks.”

Daniel García - Joy Eslava