Work Sound
Rua Doutor Juvenal Murtinho, 16. Quadra A. Santíssimo., Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
30 Rua Doutor Juvenal Murtinho Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro 23093-030 BR

Work Sound is a rental company of audiovisual equipment that has the know-how of how to perform tasks in search of the best results or enable your event targeting the money. With twenty years of experience in corporate events market have expertise to carry out events in all segments, we are a reference in Simultaneous Translation System Radio Frequency and Infrared also in the system; Furthermore we have quality projection equipment, sound equipment, computers, the internet, etc .. I am sending you attached a short presentation of our company.
We believe that quality, along with excellent service, is the basis for a successful business!

Work Sound 2 months ago
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