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Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2AF, United Kingdom

Task Squad is a youth recruitment agency & social enterprise, designed specifically to find high quality entry-level staff for organisations in a transparent and cost effective manner. We recruit across London, and would be delighted to help.

All of our candidates have demonstrated their can-do attitude and strong work ethic through volunteering and are now looking to bring this discipline, passion and motivation to the workplace. They are available at short notice for temporary & permanent roles including admin, social media, event support, reception, marketing, data-entry and client services, and can help free up your team and your time.

We have met every single one of our candidates to confirm they meet our ‘work ready’ criteria of self-motivated, reliable with strong communication skills. This makes them particularly suitable for events work and we’ve received great feedback from staffing Reading & Leeds festivals, the BBC Last Night of the Proms, Kew Gardens, Grillstock Festival and the Salvation Army International Congress, as well as various ExCel centre events.

Attached to youth volunteering charity vInspired, we invest every penny of profit back into our parent charity to support other young people to access opportunities. Task Squad is a fantastic HR & CSR solution in one.

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I can’t express how happy myself and my colleagues were about your candidates, they were absolutely fantastic! They listened, took notice of everything that was said and asked of them and got on with it, all done with a smile. All had great sense of humour which is a must in my book and we had a lot of fun. It was one of those experiences where you had to be there to understand how busy it was but I can only describe the masses of people as a Tsunami! It just didn’t let up from 8am to 11pm and the candidates took it all in their stride. Brilliant. In our minds they were part of the team, no-one saw them as the ‘Temps’. In fact our morning shift duty manager said that if she were the London area manager she would be seeing if any of them wanted a job! They were seriously good. I am so glad that you were the agency that I decided to go with, being an agency ‘virgin’ it was so refreshing to deal with an agency like Task Squad from start to finish being kept up to speed throughout the process at all stages. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you.

Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd

Task Squad is an amazing organization. As a small company, we often have the need to grow our team to meet the needs of our clients. We have worked with a variety of talent services to support us during those times. We have never had a better experience than the one we recently had with Task Squad. From the first inquiry, we were lavished with personalized attention and became immediately confident that Kathy understood what we needed to be successful. The process for interviewing and training the young people was so easy. Their processes and tools provided us with the opportunity to select many wonderful candidates. The young people that became a part of our team for seven days were remarkable. They all thrived in the fast-paced, technically-complex, highly-stressful work environment. We saw poise, professionalism, smiles and ultimate dedication. To our clients, we appeared as a well-oiled team of 22. Getting to that point after only spending a few hours together was exceptional. We will be returning to London, and we will delight in using Task Squad again to build our team. Our only regret is that Task Squad is not available at all of our conference locations. If they were, we would use them exclusively. They were simply the best we have ever experienced. Thank you Task Squad!

Lightsource Creative Communications