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“Uber for hospitality staff” platform providing the industry with access to qualified, local temp workers without lengthy interviews, admin or high agency fees.

Staff Heroes, the first online technology platform is geared towards making staff shortages a thing of the past. It specifically addresses the difficulties that the hospitality industry faces when looking for short term workers and help with contingency staffing needs. provides a complete end-to-end service that allows employers to tap into a talent pool of quality temporary staff without the hassle or expense associated with the typical recruitment process.

The web and mobile platform offers the hospitality industry instant-access to over 1,000 professionals across London, who joined the service in the first month since launch. These range from silver service waiters to sous chefs and bar staff to housekeeping. Heroes can be booked for paid per hour shifts and receive payment soon after. The pay scale is based on the job type and level of experience.

An employer can post a job on the Staff Heroes platform in less than 5 minutes and instantly screen specific candidate profiles that match the job specifications. Employers are able to view ratings and references and can immediately book temporary staff online.

The business is only charged once a shift has been completed. Staff Heroes then manages the payroll process, paying the worker directly and removing the administration burden from the employer.

Staff Heroes is to the staffing sector, what Uber is to the taxi industry. We remove the need for businesses to spend time and resources on unnecessary admin and agency fees, by providing a secure, automated platform to source quality workers with ease.

Businesses in the hospitality industry experience fluctuations in their staffing needs that can leave them exposed at the worst possible times. Our solution is to supply short-term contingent staffing to plug any gaps in their operations.

We are empowering businesses to take control of their hiring needs via a flexible and user-friendly platform. This also benefits our heroes who will be able to identify local opportunities to engage in short-term work and earn money.

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Recruiting temp staff in the hospitality industry is a massive headache for everyone, yet nothing has been done about it from a technology standpoint. Temp Staff turnover is significant creating high recruitment costs and this area is screaming for innovation. Staff Heroes have got it spot on and are on to something which is going to be big

Olly Etridge - First Restaurant Group

The admin and wasted time from recruiting and managing temp staff is a big problem for all pubs and restaurants. Having an agency in the middle is not ideal as it causes friction and delays… and obviously there are costs involved. If Staff Heroes can provide temp staff on demand and automate the supply and management end to end then they are going to be massively successful

Bruce Newman - SA Brain and Company Ltd