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Gunnery Terrace, Cornwallis Road, London SE18 6SW, United Kingdom
9 Gunnery Terrace London England SE18 6SW GB

Different to other staffing agencies in the UK, SilverLine Events provides rigorous training for all hospitality staff to guarantee an outstanding level of service. Individuals are carefully selected to suit our unique working ethos.

It is very important to us to ensure all employees feel welcomed and supported. We are passionate about making every employee feel valued as an important part of the business by encouraging progression and passion to provide the best possible experience for our clients.

Another important belief we stand by within SilverLine Events is fairness and transparency, not only with our staff in terms of fair hours, pay and opportunities for all hard working members but also our clients.

We strive for honesty and trust with all our clients and we accomplish this by being transparent about; how our company works, how we train and treat our staff. At the same time we will give every one of our clients as much quality and attention as they desire, there are no bounds to how hard working we have to be to make our clients completely happy.

silverline staffing.jpg 4 months ago
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