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Estrada da Posse, 3.000, Bloco 3 ap 508 Campo Grande Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
3000 Estrada da Posse Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro 23088-000 BR

The Show Time Cocktails was born in 1999, when Junior Macedo started the bartender profession. After a few professional and specialized courses in cocktails and flair (juggling bottles), Junior started contacts with some buffets and bars.
Over time, and with confidence in your work growing every day, Junior was gaining more customers and had to increase the number of professionals to work with him. His team now has more than 25 professionals with capacity for up to 8 events per day.
Show Time invests in trends and professionalism of his team, keeping everyone up to date with what is most modern in the production of drinks and flavors.
Currently, Show Time has an average of 15 events every weekend, and you want that number to double by the end of 2014.
Give us the pleasure of making your event and give your guests the tasting tasty cocktails, prepared with joy and relaxation. After all, it’s Show Time – Show Time!

Show Time Drinks.png 2 months ago
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