Estrada da Gávea, 847 - São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro - RJ - CEP 22670-001
847 Estrada da Gávea Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro 22610-001 BR

PressCell is specialized in bringing to you solutions for your temporary mobile communication needs. The company aims to make possible the use of postpaid mobile phones for a short period of time in Brazil, abroad, using lines from the country of destination, and on remote sites through satellite phones. Differently, from traditional mobile phone providers, PressCell does not demand long-term agreements. The delivery, the customer service, and the support are fast and efficient, thus placing PressCell as the leading company and the largest one in Brazil on this specific market niche.

Such performance answers a requirement that can be summed up in providing voice and data mobile communication to massive events, such as the World Cup, to an international trip or to a rally in the core of a desert.

On the next pages, we will present to you, in details, how 17 years of experience can turn PressCell into your guardian angel in times of need and how we can offer temporary internet high quality to you or to your company.

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