Leiva, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia
Leiva Tallinn Harju maakond 12618 EE

Loquiz is a mobile game platform that enables creating indoor and outdoor adventure games, photo and scavenger hunts. Games are built online and played on smart devices.
It helps event professionals, team building trainers and outdoor adventure companies to create engaging games for their clients with less workload.
Core purpose is to get people to interact with each other and surroundings. Tech is not the cause but rather a tool to make through gamification engagement with event more fun.
Better games, less work!

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Loquiz has enabled us to run more games than ever before. For every euro spent on Loquiz we make 10 eur in revenue.

Kaarina Konsap,

Players love the games created with Loquiz. We always customize for the client and Loquiz is perfect for that.

Osnat Mangs, Sisters Inc