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Vester Voldgade 83, DK-1552 Copenhagen V Denmark
83 Vester Voldgade København 1552 DK

First United is an independent Danish DMC who provide specialist Destination and Logistics Management services.

Why First United?

Because our philosophy is simple ”Do only that at which we are best”.

Because our proven destination management services are hallmarked by dedication.

Because three and a half decades of successfully managing events for discerning clients vouches for our dedication.

Because we have the experience, the knowledge and the ability to live up to our philosophy.

First United is an independent Danish company, providing Destination and Logistics Management services.

Our service objective is clear: to provide clients with the best available planning and advisory services, creative solutions and technical support at all stages of an event.

Our strengths are that we are a small, cohesive unit of extremely experienced staff, have comprehensive destination knowledge, very good supplier relationships, supplier loyalty and top rate event management.

First United Logo.jpg 2 years ago
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