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Double Dutch is a premium, 100% natural soft drink that is specifically developed to enhance the intricate flavours of higher-quality spirits. Each bottle is entirely made without any artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives. We only use superior natural ingredients with a blend of the highest quality spring water from the North of Engeland. On top of that, our low-calorie drinks only contain 66 Kcal per bottle.

Originally from the Netherlands, twins Raissa & Joyce always liked to enjoy a good qualitative drink. They shared their frustrations that whilst the quality and choice of spirits keeps improving, the market for accompanying sodas remains as bland, generic and mediocre as ever. After extensive research whilst winning the UCL Bright Ideas Awards, they created Double Dutch as the perfect mixer for premium gins and vodkas because of strong believes that high quality spirits deserve to have a complementary, flavour-enhancing and more innovative soft drink mixer.

The Double Dutch recipes are inspired by the method of Food Pairing. The idea is based upon the fact that ingredients combine well when they share key flavour components. We had to find a delicate equilibrium between spirits and the flavour combinations in our carefully crafted drinks. The result is a series of delicious theoretically substantiated drinks/spirit enhancers.

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