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DoubleDutch is an award-winning provider of mobile event applications, with a unique focus on capturing and surfacing data from live events. The first to bring a data-driven technology approach to the event industry, DoubleDutch excels at processing vast amounts of mobile app engagement data into unique, actionable insights to better serve customers, partners, and other event stakeholders.

Companies like SAP, Forbes, LinkedIn, DocuSign, Novartis, UBM, and Estee Lauder, rely on DoubleDutch to engage participants through mobile. Thrill attendees and demonstrate event ROI with a DoubleDutch mobile app today.

Added value for all participants with our App.
4.4[ Service response before the event 5.00 | Service response during the event 4.00 | Quality of Service 5.00 | Flexibility 3.00 ]

We have used the app provider DoubleDutch for a few years for our SAP Switzerland events. It is an added value for all our participants, because the event app helps them find their way around the venue and event precisely on time – before, during and after the event. We also protect the environment, because we didn’t use print outs anymore, everything is in the app.

With the new in chat function, we have also an improvement as a networking platform. In addition, the support is good. We always look to improve our process with DoubleDutch and try to use it as a communication platform. After the event is as important as before the event!

Number of Guests
500 Guests
Date of Event
March 17, 2016
A good app!
3.7[ Service response before the event 5.00 | Service response during the event 4.00 | Quality of Service 3.50 | Flexibility 3.00 ]

Very nice app with a good range of features and branding opportunities. The app was very helpful in sharing the information/personalized agenda with the delegates and generating engagement. The CMS is easy to use even for beginners. The customer support is quite effective and responsive.
Nonetheless, this app is more adapted for tradeshows but it is possible to work around it if you are willing to compromise.
I definitely recommend it!

Number of Guests
150 Guests
Date of Event
March 2, 2016
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